A search engine is not interested in you. your business or how great your service is!

It is only interested in providing its customers with the best possible search results from the sites available. Search engines need to earn money too and their money is mainly earned from advertising revenues. The more searches they do, the more clients who use them, the more revenue that they make.
Google became the number one search engine for a variety of reasons but the main one was that they provided good quality search results with a minimum of fuss.
Your objective is to prove to the search engines that your site belongs at the top because it is the best site available based on the search that has been made. This may be a highly localised search like “Beauty Salon in Romford” or a more generic search like “Underfloor Heating”.
A search engine will look through the pages of your site and place a value judgement based on certain key criteria. Luckily for us, Google actually gives a set of specific guidelines telling you what it likes to see in a site. Kind of like a dating plan to make search engines love your site.

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