7 Steps to Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your success in business is not only about what you do — it is about what you do differently to your competitors. Your success will be determined by your ability to know what you do differently and your expertise in getting that message across to the people who need to know — Your potential customers!

By following these 7 steps, you will define the clear message that will be transmitted to customers to inform them what is unique about your business.

1. List your competitors and write down their respective weaknesses that you know from your Market Research
2. Decide HOW you will make the most of the opportunity presented by your competitors’ weaknesses
3. Determine which 20 words you will use in your 60-word USP to highlight that their weaknesses are your strengths
4. Answer the 10 questions in Section 2 to clearly define the benefits that your customer will gain by dealing with you
5. List the Key Words as in Section 3 to clarify exactly what the customers should know about your business proposition
6. Complete your 60-word Unique Selling Proposition using as many key words as possible
7. Try your 60-word USP out on other people, gauge their reaction and listen to their feedback

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